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Galaxy is Passionate about paints

Inorder to appeal to all market segments, we have ensured that we have an extensive product range to meet any need:

Decorative Paints and finishes, available in a wide range of colors with a high spreading rate
  • Silk sheen Emulsion
  • Vinyl matt Emulsion
  • Supertex Texture (available in coarse and smooth finishes)
  • Aqua Resist Silicon Water Repellent Paint
  • Acoustic Decorative Texture and Fine Finishes (available in course and smooth finishes)

Our emsulsion range is lead and asbestos free, providing a brilliant luxury finish. Available with anti-fungal protection, Weathershield protection and Aqua-resist range. The anti-fungal protection is recommended for Kitchens and bathrooms because it prevents the growth of many bacteria and fungi.

In addition to its excellent flow properties, smooth film and pleasing "sheen" appearance, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and smooth finish it has a unique high crack Tolerance formula, the Emulsion range is washable and durable, making it the most popular choice for homes and offices.

The emulsion range can also be applied as a topcoat over textured coatings.

The Acoustic Texured paint is a specialized paint coating that reduces the echo by absorption of stray sound waves.

A topcoat of any conventional paint maybe applied over the coating for beautification.

For the Emulsion Based Range, Best End Results:

  1. For repainting walls, apply a two coat system: undercoat and topcoat
  2. For new walls, paint with a three coat system: primer, undercoat and finally topcoat
  • Supergloss Enamel
  • Eggshell Enamel
  • Oil and Water based Exterior Masonary Paint

Our enamel range is lead and asbestos free alkyd paint, providing a brilliant luxury finish in gloss, satin and matt.

Available with anti-fungal protection, Weathershield protection and Aqua-resist.

For the Emulsion Based Range, Best End Results:

  1. For repainting walls, directly apply a 2 coat system of an undercoat and then a primer.
  2. For new walls, paint with an alkaline resisting primer or undercoat prior to applying the enamel.

Undercoats (Primers)

Primers are a preparatory coating put on materials before painting. Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted.

Super undercoat, Acrylic undercoat, Acrylic clear sealer

Best End Results: For both oil and water based undercoats, use a one coat application system with high coverage and apply directly to the bare substrate

For new and/or damp walls: Use an alkaline resisting primer.
For existing walls, use an acrylic primer as the undercoat.

Wood Primers

  1. Best End Results: Apply directly to the bare wood.
  2. For Hard wood, use and aluminium wood primer
  3. For soft wood, use wither a white or pink wood primer.
  4. If the wood was already painted, sand down, use an oil based undercoat and then a top coat.

Metal and Steel Primers

Best End Results: Apply directly to the steel or metal surface using an anti corrosive steel and metal primer and depending on the finish needed, apply topcoat in clear or color.

For specialized unique texture effect

Explore Resin Bonded architectural coatings for exterior building facades and aesthetic interior finishes
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A hardwearing oil varnish stain that produces a gloss finish which can be applied directly onto bare wood of new and previously varnished surfaces. This range comes transparent/clear or as a colored stain.

Best End Results:

New Timber

Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating. Apply 3 coats Galaxy Varnish Stain.

Previously Coated Timber

Previously varnished surfaces need to be sanded to a dull finish. Remove all sanding dust before coating. Apply 2 coats Galaxy Varnish Stain.

This is an extremely durable product with excellent film forming, hard wearing product the tis resistant to human traffic and can be used on floors and domestic and industrial furniture. The very high gloss, provides a mirror like finish on the applied surface.

Best End Results:

Before applying any polyurethane, prepare the wood by sanding it. Use a dry cloth to remove the dust from your wood. Stain the wood, if desired, before you apply the wood seal. Pour your polyurethane over the end grain of your wood piece, and let it run down the sides smoothly.

Wet a clean rag with polyurethane, and smooth it around the face of the wood. Note that Polyurethane is self-leveling because it is thin enough to spread out on its own, meaning that you should not have to worry too much about achieving an even coat.

This range of clear or coloured wood finishes dry by solvent evaporation or a curing process that produces a hard, durable finish. These wood finishes are designed for industrial production of domestic, commercial and institutional furniture for quick dry and ease of handling. Available in gloss, matt and satin finishes.

Best End Results

The cellulose finish or lacquer is usually applied with a sponge, to maintain the wet edge.

These wood preservative stains and oil finishes are designed to give the natural look of the timber while protecting the wood from rot, insect attack, film forming and UV light. Timbertex is available in clear, mahogany, walnut and dark oak stains.


unique hard-wax oil that adheres within a couple of minutes to the upper micorons in the wood, protects and colors the wood in a single coat
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Coil Coating For Roofing Sheets

This range has a fade free guarantee with a high resistance to extreme weather conditions.

The coil coatings range is available in a wide color range with excellent gloss and color retention.

Industrial Coatings

This product range key use is to protect heavy steel, metal, wood and concrete from aggressive weather conditions.

Key Lines: Stoving paints, Dipping paints, 2 Pac Epoxy Primers and Topcoats and Motor Rewinding Varnish (machinery enamels).

Specialised Coatings Thermoshield (Heat Barrier Coatings)

This range of coating has a temperature reduction of up to 45% and is excellent for metal roofs.

The thermoshield range of coatings is excellent weather resistant coating that eliminates the use of air conditioners.

This range includes repair shops for salon cars, body building for truck, lorries, bues and auto assembly of complete knock downs. The line is available in a variety of finishes, including fine metallic and colors, including coarse gold colors as well as solid, transparent and clear coats. Our range of Galaxy Automotive Finishes are suitable for use in Automotive Repair Shops, Automotive Body Building, Automotive Implements and Auto Assembly.

Galaxy is Passionate about paints